Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UPDATED: Auction for Layla Grace - Friday

We were so saddened to hear that Little Layla Grace had passed away on 3-9-10. In her short life she has been an inspiration to us all. Her story has touched so many. Our thoughts go out to her family. May she rest in peace.

Just a few days ago was when I first heard of the name Layla Grace and read her story. I have seen the username @LaylaGrace tweeted so many times on Twitter and how the online community is so touched by this 2 year old girl's losing battle with (Stage 4 Neuroblastoma) cancer. It is such a heartbreaking story and I could not stop thinking about her as she is in the final stages of her journey. You can read more about her journey on her family's blog.

Project Mommyhood is holding an auction for
Layla Grace this Friday and all the proceeds will
go directly to Layla Grace's family.
Over 19 online
mom owned businesses
ve graciously donated wonderful products
to be auctioned off.
Pitter Patter Creations is
ng this Personalized Petite Mommy Necklace.

If you are planning on doing some online shopping in the next couple of days, please plan to stop by Project Mommyhood's blog on Friday morning to check out the auction. This will be for a good cause.

Also, please help spread the word. Thank you.

Layla's Grace Auction at
Project Mommyhood
Friday, 3/5 at 7am EST until 11:59pm EST. Saturday, 3/6

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