Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Practical Baby Shower Favors

How many times you attended a baby shower and the favor that is given to each guest is just something that ended up collecting dust on your dresser or shelf? Even worse it was thrown away without being used or opened. Giving a practical baby shower favor may be the better way to go the next time you plan a baby shower.

Here are some suggestions:

Our Personalized Travel Candle would offer many hours of use. It comes with a personalized tag with your choice of design, tin lid so the candle may be taken anywhere plus an organza bag to be placed in.

Another baby shower favor option would be Personalized Lip Balms. Especially now that it's winter, your guests would definitely appreciate this shower favor. These also come with many label design choices to coordinate with baby shower decor.

My favorite favor would have to be the Baby Shower Favors Candy Jars. These are so unique to make any baby shower stand out as well as have many uses. I see using these to store cotton balls, my daughter's hair rubber bands or paper clips.

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