Sunday, January 10, 2010

"About To Hatch" Baby Shower

Fresh and modern theme - "About To Hatch" Baby Shower. I am very excited about this post since this is my first time using a storyboard. I have seen it being used on many blogs, but thought I would need advanced Photoshop skills to manually create my own collage. This is not so. The one I had used here is a free download from this fabulous site: Coffeeshop Blog

Pink Baby Chick Shower Invitation

Time For Baby Egg Timer

Scented Egg Soap in Nest

Ceramic Baby Chick Salt & Pepper Shakers

Couples Baby Shower Invitation


daisy creek designs said...

Adorable baby shower set!! And I love the link to the collage - I've always wanted to do one, but they are so time consuming! Now I know what I'm going to add to my next blog entry :)

Pitter Patter Creations said...

Thank you! I was surprised how easy it was to do with the template.

Robby said...

I wish it was so easy to do...I have them loaded onto PSE 8...and am lost...I wish I was computer savvy!!! Your storyboard and blog looks so fresh!!! xxxRobby

MommyB said...

I love the spring hatching idea my friends and I were trying to get shower ideas. Thanks!