Saturday, January 16, 2010

Princess Zebra Birthday Theme

If you want to throw a posh birthday party for your little princess, then a Princess Zebra theme would be perfect! Move over pastels and bring on the Black Zebra Stripes! (Ok, a little corny.) This modern day party theme would definitely make a statement. This could be so much fun to put together. Zebra prints are everywhere. You would not have a hard time finding essentials, decor and accessories.

Here are some ideas for your Princess Zebra Birthday Theme:

Black Zebra Gift Stickers

Sydney Princess Zebra Photo Invitation

Wild Zebra Thank You's

Zebra Marabou Hat & Pipette Top Set

Black Zebra Personalized Plate & Placemat Set

Zebra Flower Hat & Pipette Top Set (also avail. w/ pink flower)

All are available at

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