Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrated Valentine's Day Twice This Year

Valentine's Day is not usually a big deal in our house. I think my older daughter gets more of a kick out of all the cards she receives from her classmates at school than anything we do at home. Since Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year, I thought it would be special to make a big breakfast served on the girls' very own Personalized Valentine's Plates and Reversible Placemats. Of course things didn't work out as planned with all the snow we received in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their plates and placemats were not delivered on time. We still had a big family breakfast and they received the usual chocolates and stuffed animals on Valentine's Day. A day later their plates and placemats had arrived. I decided it would be fun for the girls to help make cupcakes and then enjoy them on their new Valentines plates and placemats. The cupcakes did not turn out well, since I am not much of a baker. However, we all had a great time making them and definitely enjoyed eating them!

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